Keep Your Lights Shining in Norway


Following 16 April, Keep Your Lights Shining


Reforming Barnevernet requires political change. That means politicians need to be convinced! [OR Voted OUT of Office]

Videos of the Speakers at the Protests will be posted on youtube and other places.

SHARE them with the Norwegian politicians. It is especially important that citizens of Norway do this. (Your own words are just as important as linked information.)

A few people contacting politicians are only looked at as a nuisance. A thousand people posting and emailing information to them would feel like a Tsunami!{NO danger of THAT. “Silence is Golden!”}



Here is the contact information you need to get started. And it is followed by a list of key resources to share.

Contact List for Norway Politicians

NOTE: Instead of highlighted linked words, I posted full links so that you can copy and paste directly from this page. Right click on any links you want to open in new tab or you will lose this page.

Use Facebook, Twitter, and email to Send them information on the protests and the problems.

Solveig Horne, Progress Party

on Facebook

On Twitter @SolveigHorne

Minister of Children and Equality

Barne-, likestillings- og inkluderingsminister Solveig Horne

Address Akersgata 59, 0030 Oslo


The Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, Politician

Office of the PM Telephone: +47 22 24 90 90

Her Political Advisor: Hans Christian KaurinP Hansson E-mail

Her Politcal Party Facebook Page Hoyre

Twitter address: @Hoyre

On the Facebook page of both Erna Solberg, Politician, and of Hoyre, Political Party, you will find a list of Other Politicians on the left column [pages changed; now RIGHT column] under liked by this page”  [AND those liked by Solberg and Hoyre will have their own “liked” politicians listed…you can find a lot of politicians this way]

Contact a Few of Them!

It Takes a GROUP EFFORT to Make An Impact



English Language

170 Norwegian professionals, Notice of Concern [this is one of the most important items. This link is slow and sometime does not work for me, may say ‘bad gateway’ Usually it opens on 2nd  try]

Marius Reikerås – Norwegian lawyer

Øivind Østberg, Barrister, Oslo


CPS worker intimidates child

Prof. Marianne H. Skanland

Norwegian Mother Speaks About Fear of CPS

Norway Citizen: What Has Norway Become?

Norwegian Language

Barnevern Agents Seize Child

Where stands the human rights struggle in Norway today? Reikerås and Aas  (w/English subtitles)


w/English subtitles Marius and Ruth Bodnariu

Norwegian professor, scientist, and journalist discuss Barnevernet w/ English subtitles. “What is Barnevern?’

Psykologspesialist Einar Salvesen

Advarsel.Barnevernet Norge 2014


International Commentary

Video, 1st Wave of Protests

Australia–summary of the abuse

Norwegians Fear Barnevernet, Peter Costea –Attorney at Law

San Francisco Protest at Norwegian Consulate, Dr. Chris Prunean, physician

Brisbane Protest, Ioana Ilies

Athens, Mihailici Corina

Bradley Clark (Bradley Clark Band Album of the Year 2015)

Norway Must Answer for Human Rights Violations

Details of Bodnariu Case, US attorney Peter Costea

Shocking Tactic on Children by Barnevernet

Brisbane Protest: Dr. Claudia Giurgiuman



Note: Leave links to anything else you think should be shared in comments.

Someone familiar with Norway’s media should make up a contact page for them.


Norwegian professionals that have criticized the system and are fighting for change:
Thea W. Totland (lawyer):
Sverre Asmervik (psychologist):…
Einar C. Salvesen (psychologist):…
Grethe Nordhelle Grethe Nordhelle:
Nothing has changed, same system, same abuse:


Barnevernet Cases:
The Nordic Committee for Human Rights – NCHR report:
Other cases and articles related:



Our World – Norway: Parents Against the State Documentary 2016


This link always stops working. For this excellent documentary by the BBC, SEARCH YouTube for– BBC Norway: parents against the state  THIS needs to STILL be widely shared.




8 thoughts on “Keep Your Lights Shining in Norway

  1. I’m a believer with a traditional view on the family/marriage and I grieve the direction that the whole Western civilization (not just Norway) is taking in this matter. Nevertheless I must say what I read from foreign sources like yourself really upsets me. There is clearly a lack of understanding of Scandinavian culture and some serious misinformation being spread around. How many of you have actually spent enough time here to know what you are talking about? I’m not saying this particular case has been well handled at all. It is also receiving a lot of criticism here in Norway. Hopefully it will soon come to a wise conclusion. In the mean time I urge you to be a bit more careful what you believe and pass on to others.

    • As I said in my letter, Anna, I would welcome your pointing out any “misinformation” that I have given. Please clarify what my “lack of understanding of Scandinavian culture” is.

    • Anna, Norwegian professionals like social workers, psychologists and others have criticized the Norwegian CPS severely. The European Parliament, the Council of Europe, various governments and media outlets have done the same. You can’t focus on some fringe misinformation, but look to the heart of the matter: human rights violations in Barnevernet.

  2. John-Monica Man
    17 hrs ·

    The Norwegian king must either be deaf, blind, or totally careless about his country’s citizens!!! So many families broken and subjugated by the government, and no one in the Royal Family cares!!! So many children taken in custody and separated from their loving mommy and daddy, their brothers and sisters, grandma and grandpa…. Why is ‪#‎barnevernet‬ allowed to inflict so much pain and destroy families???? ‪#‎Norway‬ : you gotta get your act together and make things right!!! Return ALL the children you kidnapped!! They are not commodities to be bought and sold, nor a product to sustain your CPS market!!! Shame on you!! May God bring His judgement on your heartless leaders and have mercy on the thousands of oppressed families!

    Word of advice: Remind yourself what happened to Pharaoh and his family before he was forced to let the people go…

  3. The first thing about warfare is that it does not end on D-Day. They didn’t hit the beach, have a party and go home. That is when the real fighting begins if the troops were pointed to their mission and given their marching orders.

    • This is an excellent resource, Michael.

      I wish all could “see” the truth of this issue like you do. Your comments here are based on facts and are a good reminder to all that we must continue to let others know what we think about the problems in Norway.

      God bless you.

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