Fighting to Love


Aly Hathcock

People aren’t easy to love. They are irrational, irritating, bipolar beings. People are complicated and usually have all their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in some sort of  difficult, wadded-up ball of goop that can’t entirely be separated. People basically make no sense. Ever. And when you think they do, it’s only because you want them to.

And that’s not even thinking about their actions. People hurt each other, they say demeaning things, they are sarcastic, and they smile and act like they are okay when they’re sad. Did I mention that they’re also bipolar with all their actions, too?

I will fight for loveYeah, people are difficult, and difficult people are hard to love.

Therefore, we must fight to love them, fight to care deeply about them, and allow ourselves to emotionally connect on a not-so-shallow level. This is hard, really hard. I don’t want to love people who have hurt me. I don’t…

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